The developers behind the project

A successful partnership

With more than twenty projects to its credit, KnightsBridge always aims to carry out the most interesting projects possible, not only for the future occupants, but also for the whole neighbourhood and the boroughs where they are located. The company has been highly successful and is the leading builder of LEED projects in Greater Montreal today.

KnightsBridge also won the Best Value award in the condo category three years in a row between 2013 and 2015 at the APCHQ Domus Gala. What's more, in 2015, KnightsBridge was crowned Builder of the Year, the most prestigious Domus award.

As for District Atwater, it is a company specialized in the development of condos offering high quality standards. Well-established in the heart of the bustling southwest of Montreal for over a decade, District Atwater offers its residents a living space with intelligent design adapted to the typical modern urban life of Montreal's neighbourhoods.

Its founder, Alexandre Forgues, is an accomplished entrepreneur, well known in the residential real estate industry. Always attuned to the needs of his community, he shares his business expertise for the benefit of several organizations, particularly as Honorary Chairman of L'Ancre des Jeunes, a nonprofit based in Verdun. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Horse Palace Foundation. As a member of the Atlas sailing team, he participates in fundraising activities for the Esprit de corps Foundation to support single-parent families.

In the desire to offer Montrealers even more, it is with great enthusiasm that District Atwater is partnering with KnightsBridge. In this partnership, complementary expertise will be pooled to deliver Elää, an innovative real estate project that will stand out, not only in Montreal, but also at the provincial level. Its strategic location, combined with a rich architecture and an exceptional quality of construction will make it a unique project that will be sure to turn heads!


KnightsBridge is the largest LEED Platinum certified multi-residential project builder in Quebec. We design, build and sell housing units with optimum lifespans and performance. All our projects are designed by recognized architectural firms to ensure design and ergonomics that meet the changing needs of today’s clientele…and tomorrow’s!
We build 100% new buildings – from the foundations to the roof – that contain a limited number of units in order to reduce common expenses. Our buildings also integrate innovative technologies and systems to maximize energy efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs. This is part of the reason why our units come with an outstanding guarantee.


Unlike the standard model where a developer (land owner) hires a general contractor to build the building, a marketing team to create a concept, a real estate broker to sell the units and a service team to perform the repairs, we chose to integrate all these steps internally.

This results in a new kind of company where the limited number of participants allows for a faster transmission of information, the integration of the clients’ needs right from the design stage, and greater transparency throughout the process.


Despite the quality of the materials and methods used in the construction of our buildings, the verticality of our business model allows us to offer our units at a competitive price, regardless of the area where we build

In short, with KnightsBridge, you are assured to get the best return on your investment!

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Our values

Develop in a sustainable way

For our children and grandchildren, let’s work hard to create the most sustainable goods possible and minimize the waste that their production requires.

Playing as a team

Create a warm, friendly and exciting environment. Encourage diversity in people, ideas, opinions, and points of view. Participate in the collective success.

Building relationships based on trust

Build strong, positive, transparent and honest relationships to move faster, and in the fun.

Excel and impress!

Everything deserves to be impressive! Our passion propels us. Exceed ourselves to approach our dream and allow everyone to believe.

Our commitment


Creation of a healthy and accessible living space for all


Design of a project that will minimize its environmental footprint by using eco-friendly materials and processes


Ensure a satisfying level of profitability in order to support causes that we cherish


Made up of a collective of dynamic architects, KANVA is an architectural firm whose work is at the forefront of design, imagination, drawing and construction in Montreal and beyond.

KANVA has an approach that seeks to question and transform the built environment. The firm approaches each project as an opportunity to tell a story, to imagine a place, and to expand the scope and the dialogue between art and architecture. The firm has a wide variety of projects including student housing, large-scale public art installations, mixed-use buildings (residential and commercial) as well as cultural buildings such as the renovation of the Montreal Biodome. Each project is engaging, memorable and sensitive to human experience and to contemporary culture. KANVA regularly collaborates with competent artists, musicians and designers to conduct interdisciplinary research to maximize the innovation potential of a project.

The team draws on stories rooted in a place and seeks, for each project, to understand how users interact with their environment, with the strong conviction that architecture and art are tools to transform the built environment and those who live in it. Due to the environmental issues of the present era, KANVA's practice has integrated sustainable development and ethical responses to the contemporary project in its philosophy. Several members of the team are LEED certified and advocate ecological and integrated design solutions.



Finalist for the Durabilys Award Green Promoter (2016, Canada Green Building Council)


Domus Award Builder of the year (2015, APCHQ – Metropolitan Montreal)

Domus Award Best quality-price ratio (2015, APCHQ – Metropolitan Montreal)

Finalist for the Excellence Award (residential category) of the Urban Development Institute of Quebec (2015, UDI)


Domus Award Best quality-price ratio (2014, APCHQ – Metropolitan Montreal)


Domus Award Best quality-price ratio (2013, APCHQ – Metropolitan Montreal)